Smile Mastery Program

For today's Amazing Woman


An Exclusive Membership Club created by Esi A. Quaidoo DDS and offered by Smile Matters Inc. to honor Women for their contribution to family , their professions, the community, and the world so they can remain in a state of rejuvenation, beauty, balance and joy as they strive to do what they do best, to nurture and to sustain. 

The Smile Mastery Program's Vision is to help Women Smile with Passion from the inside out and live the best lives they choose.

Benefits of Membership

  • Generous discounts on General and Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Flexible appointments to fit busy schedules
  • Seminars, Trainings, Workshops and Retreats, which inspire, rejuvenate and empower
    women to stay in balance on all levels. Topics include Healing, Nutrition, Stress and
    Anxiety management, Wellness, Fitness, Parenting, Relationships, Success,
    Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Finance & Spirituality
  • 10% of Membership proceeds benefits the Aquarian Centers for Smile and Life
    Mastery(, a WA nonprofit which provides Smile Mastery Services to Men,
    Women and Children in transition locally and around the world
  • Family Dental Discounts
  • Social and Business Networking Opportunities in a community of Amazing Women

Smile Matters Inc. is

 conveniently located in Downtown Seattle at 509 Olive Way Suite 1033

Seattle, WA 98101


[email protected]

Free Bronze Membership Offer
  • Smile Mastery Newsletter
  • Access to Free Programming and
  • Free Smile Consultations
  • A $200.00 Value

Sign up today and get a free Smile 
Mastery Coaching session (A $250.00 value). Offered for a limited time only
509 Olive Way, Seattle WA 98101

                      A word from Dr. Quaidoo